The Surprising Reasons He Turns You Down For Sex

So, you threw yourself at your boyfriend and he turned you down. Ouch. Now, not only is your ego bruised, but you’re also wondering if there’s something wrong with you, him, or your relationship. We’re here to assure you that there isn’t—even the most horndog dude is going to go through times when he just doesn’t want to have sex. We explain why it’s normal, and what you can do to get him thinking sexy again.

Why He Sometimes Isn’t Into It
First of all, it’s a myth that men think about sex every seven seconds. In fact, a new study found that it’s closer to 19 times a day—and while that still sounds like a lot, just because he’s thinking about it hardly means he wants it right then and there, points out Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of She Comes First. Plus, in this economy, it’s likely that he’s going to be less interested in sex in general. “Men derive their sexual self-esteem from their careers and financial security,” explains Kerner. If he’s struggling in either of those areas right now, getting busy may literally be one of the last things on his mind.

The Truth About Guys and Sex
Sexual rejection sucks for men or women, but experts say it stings even more for the ladies. That’s because men are brought up with this idea that they’ll have to go to bat and strike out multiple times before making a hit. Women, on the other hand, are wired to believe that men are always ready to reach home base and never turn down a booty opportunity. So when he negs you, it seems unnatural, and you may worry that something’s wrong with your relationship. But the occasional mismatch in desire is normal. “You can’t just flash him or grab his crotch and expect him to be instantly hard,” says Kerner. “Guys often need to gradually transition into sex with mental coaxing and foreplay too.”

A Simple Way to Pump His Desire
You’ve come onto him, he’s not feeling it, and now you’re tempted to pout or stick it to him with a zinger like, “What kind of man are you?” Unless you want to kill his ego, resist. Guilt trips and emasculation are not going to get you laid. Instead, Kerner suggests giving him a kiss and saying, “Okay, rain check,” then dropping the topic.

If you’re really in the mood and think his no had some leeway, give this a try: plant a sexy thought in his head, which could make his lust level do a 360. Kerner recommends saying something like, “Oh man, I just had this flashback of that night I was riding you in my five inch high heels and got so turned on.” It’s pretty tasty bait—but it’s also non-committal enough that if he’s still not up for it, you won’t feel totally burned...again.


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Sideways Samba

Erotic Instructions:
You lie on your side on the bed or floor, turned away from your guy with your legs straight out in front of you at a ninety-degree angle to your torso (so you make an L shape). Your guy lies behind you on his side in a modified spoon position, lines up his genitals with yours, then raises his torso with his arms, placing his topmost hand on the other side of your body next to your chest. Entering you, he controls the motion as he moves in and out of you.

Why You'll Love It:
If your man’s member is more petite than plus-sized, this one’s for you. At this angle, he can give you maximum penetration. Plus, the skewed point of entry means his lusty limb hits all sides of your vagina (not just the top and bottom), giving you tons of sizzling sensations and a fiery finale.


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The Importance of Sensual Massage In Your Sex Life

Before being adept at anything, one must first learn basics. In the art of sensual massage, the same principle applies. One has to master certain strategies utilizing limbs such as fingers, hands or perhaps feet anything that would awaken the senses. On top of that, one should also be educated in the properties of massage oils ; too much would cause your subject to 'slip' away, and too small might inflict discomfort and cause them to run away from you.

In my experience, (which I would add, without sounding superior, quite vast) training has its benefits. But then again, going in blind has its up sides too.

With training, probabilities of causing grievous hurt deserving of a hospital visit are minimized. Imagine rushing into the trauma room, body drenched in a mix of Patchouli and Lavender, and hollering while grabbing your groin, or mammary glands.

Not sexy. Downright shaming.
In certain circumstances, training enables you to identify certain key points, precise areas to attack, (sensually talking of course) and know that in under five mins, the person on the unpleasant end is halfway to experiencing Nirvana. This does wonders to one's ego, I assure you. Plus it adds a whole new dimension to an otherwise missionary position if you know what I mean (wink).

The downside is the whole experience can become moderately firm and anticipated two words one NEVER wants to associate with sensual MASSAGE. The poser is lost, and although the recipient won't be able to notice the difference, (she or he is snoozing happily in Rah-Rah Land) the giver may feel moderately chiseled.

Now, for the other side of the coin ; diving into the erotic universe of sensual massage a virgin also has its pro and cons.

Let's start with the cons.
  1. You might cause heavy injury by stomping too hard, or rubbing too much.
  2. Your other half might fall prey to sleep as you spent too much time 'caressing' his/her eyebrows.
  3. You might get too beat from no reply received and proceed to continue while watching 'Ugly Betty'.

Both parties sigh and say, Let's go get a burger.
You get my drift. The list is unending. Pros : -
  1. The experience of discovering erogenous sections (without prior knowledge, not even a peek from your dad's Big Book of Human Anatomy) can be an overwhelming experience, particularly when you find them in the most unexpected places.
  2. Using God-given instincts to kick off the Pleasure Principle is a basic human right.
  3. No one gets bored, as each discovery is fantastic, akin to Columbus discovering America.
Again, many possibilities.
In hearsay, a little coaching can be positive, and even appreciated, but it is my fair opinion that training for sensual massage isn't pivotal.

Practice on each other, simultaneously if feasible. The capability of abstract thinking is after all , a human characteristic that should never be enfeebled and ignored.

Discover what should be expected during a session of massage therapy before you really experience one and also learn the fundamentals of giving a sensual massage to your partner.


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Telusuri Kenikmatan Sex After Midnight

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KETIKA titik seksual mencapai kondisi "siaga satu" biasanya cenderung meledak tak kenal waktu dan ruang. Bisa lewat tengah malam ketika mentari terlelap tidur, bahkan dapat pula bersamaan ketika mentari hendak beranjak, sehingga ada hasrat serangan fajar.

Bercampur semilir angin dan turunnya embun, sex after midnight bergerak leluasa tanpa godaan dan bergelora alami dalam fisik yang masih bugar. Kegiatan ini menjadi solusi kenikmatan bercinta yang membakar gairah menjelang pagi.

Mengenai hal itu, psikolog dari Jagadnita Consulting, Dra Clara Istiwidarum K, MA, CPBC, menuturkan pandangannya.

"Sex after midnight bisa dilakukan untuk memberikan kenikmatan bercinta yang lain daripada biasanya. Ketika pasutri melakukan hubungan intim saat waktu menjelang pagi terasa lebih tenang, tidak mengganggu anak-anak karena dipastikan mereka telah terlelap," kata Clara saat dihubungi okezone melalui telepon genggamnya, Rabu (8/10/2008).

Menurut penulis buku Keluargaku, Permataku, Seks, Es Krim, dan Kopi Susu serta Ngobrolin Seks di Ruang Keluarga ini, melakukan sex after midnight dapat terasa luar biasa bila pasutri sama-sama menginginkannya.

"Sex after midnight akan memberikan sensasi kegiatan bercinta yang luar biasa jika masing-masing telah sepakat untuk melakukannya. Kalau hanya satu orang saja yang bergairah sementara pasangannya masih ingin beristirahat, maka dapat mengajaknya tanpa memaksa," ucap psikolog dari ini.

Ditambahkan oleh Clara, sebelum memutuskan untuk melakukan hubungan intim di waktu seperti ini, ada baiknya mengetahui jam tidur anggota keluarga lainnya.

"Sebelum melakukan sex after midnight sebaiknya pastikan anak atau anggota keluarga lainnya sudah tidur atau tidak memiliki kebiasaan terbangun di waktu yang sama. Ini dilakukan agar ketika melakukan aktivitas tersebut tidak ada yang mengurangi kualitas kegiatan bercinta," imbuh ibu empat anak ini.

Tak sebatas itu saja, sambung Clara, agar sensasi sex after midnight dapat terasa luar biasa, Anda dan pasangan juga harus membangun mood dan rasa nyaman.

"Sex after midnight memang menghadirkan sensasi tiada tara, namun dalam pelaksanaannya Anda dan pasangan harus sama-sama saling mood. Selain itu, tak hanya memuaskan salah satu pihak, namun Anda dan pasangan pun harus merasa sama-sama puas menjalaninya," kata Clara mengakhiri pembicaraan.

Jadi, siap naik di atas ranjang saat dini hari?(nsa)

Sumber :

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Sensual Massage and The Spa

Sensual massage is not offered in a professional spa. The massage therapists who work at spas are trained in therapeutic massage, which is based on Swedish massage techniques. If you asked for sensual massage at a spa, it will be interpreted as a request for sexual contact.

It is a breach of spa etiquette to ask for sex as part of a therapeutic massage. They may explain that is not the purpose of this massage and continue working, but they may end the massage right there.

Men sometimes ask for sex during massage in an indirect fashion by directing them "work higher" when they get to their thighs or "work lower" when they massage their chest. They also ask the therapist to remove the sheet or ask if the therapist does "extras" or "happy endings." None of this is appropriate -- or legal -- in a spa setting.



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Exotic massage – invoke the hidden senses of pleasure

Exotic massage is the art of stimulating the sleeping pleasure senses. It can be a foreplay to enhance a person’s response to the partner in love making. In case of man his senses are invoked by stimulating his genitals and nipples and areas that have nerve endings by massaging with a variety of strokes and new forms of grips.

The massage is said to bring in soul and mind together and expand the horizons of pleasure a man or woman can experience besides providing health advantages.

To begin with the exotic massage girl, you should have specified herbal oil, the masseur (itcould be your partner itself) will take a little quantity of oil and start gently massaging a man on his chest, tweaking his sensory areas and work down to his pelvis. The partner will have to ensure that they aren’t causing you any pain while doing so. Remember: Do it gently. Also, if both of you would like to, you can get a massage of the genitals too. Take your own time while doing so, just be sure while making sure not hurting in the process.

The exotic massage is combination of both sexuality as well as spirituality and is a special healing technique. Dating back to India, the traditional form of massaging has many variations and different practices. There are therapy massages that we are more familiar as Taoists massages in China and the Cheyenne in the area of North America, exotic massage is a variation of these and indeed look at same goals.

By now, you should know that the motive of the exotic massage is to share the love in itspurest form, and also energize yourself in sexual and spiritual form. Exotic massage waspracticed as Tantra in the west and has become popular and was revived again during thepractices in Europe and North America.

The exotic massage girl is able to provide experience for a man that is out of this world. Prepare a dim place to set things right before getting this massage. You can lit the place up with dim light, maybe by lighting candles, oil lamp and special mattress. There are aroma candles available for the same to make the experience even more worth living.

Make sure the room temperature is warm and if need be generate the warmth by lighting the candles. Take your partner’s help, start massaging by working way out by yourself, or by having the partner do that for you which brings in a more delightful and magical experience. You can place a towel next to you, while you are nude. The first thing to remember in receiving this massage is to feel comfortable even nude. Let the relaxation feeling sink in while the massage is on. Just make sure your partner doesn’t hurt you during the process.

Feel free to visit the website to know more about the exotic massage and the benefits it can give to couples. There are many phonies that advertize cheap exotic massage girl services, do not fall prey to them. Never assume cheap is the best. If you want to get from a qualified therapist check a good massage services directory to visit someone in your neighborhood. To know more about exotic massages feel free to check the website


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Nude massage girl for sex therapy

Researchers from various institutes, public funded and private funded equally found the invaluable benefits massage or oil rub can do to infants, their airways get cleared so do their bowels and so they gain weight and grow better than those that are deprived of a massage. Evidence says that touch in fondling and/or massaging can have a positive impact on the baby.

Likewise, couples who have made erotic massage as part of love making will healthier and happier than those who do not do erotic massage during their regular lovemaking.

There are many studies, scientific and unscientific that reported that erotic massage between couples is one of the cheapest and the best ways to assist them achieve extended and multiple ecstatic states. It is through the erotic massages that the partners understand to gift and get the loving touch as well as unique pleasure.

The stressful lifestyles have made a majority of us splurge on luxurious and expensive things. While some of us luxuriate with endless shopping. There are a few who would indulge into buying antiques that they have interest. Either of these would involve people to dish out huge amounts of money.

I am reminded of an old adage here: the best things in life come free of cost; so is the best part of the erotic massage which doesn’t make you one cent shy. You may have given your woman or man expensive diamond or so but the priceless one like we are talking here is more valuable than you realize. The erotic massage provides the couple a wonderful opportunity to know and understand about each other much better than before. It is not an opportunity to know about the genitals but how each of them responds to foreplay and techniques that help in arousal.

This kind of massage is also recommended to be used as an alternative to the otherwise traditional sex therapy which helps in stimulating and enhancing a person’s libido. The massage actually increases a person’s response to the stimulus or massage girl for sex or shall we say sensual stimuli.

In some instances, the erotic massage could be done as one form of foreplay without sexual gratification but it intends to increase the sensitivity of a person.

For some the erotic massage girl is recommended to help address the premature ejaculation issues. Some urologists are of the opinion that the erotic massage could help address the urinary incontinence problems.

The methods employed in the massage may even convey the receiver to keep the pelvic musculature relaxed thus extend the arousal likewise pleasure. But beyond all, the massage acts as a tool and bolsters emotional connection between partners.

Most massage parlors offer some form of the erotic massage girl, and the terminology that’s used may differ from parlor to parlor. Often times, the parlors may alternate the term with Swedish massage, or Shiatsu, or sensual massage or Thai. To know more information on erotic massage feel most free to visit the link:


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