Benefits Of Massage

Medical body massage therapy has brought relief for some conditions such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, cardiac problems and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. For some of these problems, people will need a medical person to confirm that it is not harmful to use medical body massage as an option. For Mothers to be, pregnancy massage provides instant relief that is blissful. The body massage therapy benefits for a woman who is pregnant include readying her muscles for the strain of childbirth, and reducing swelling on the hands and feet. The relief after body massage session can even be felt after one session.

Body massages help to relax from various strains and stresses that come with everyday living. There are many other benefits of body massages. For example, there are a number of immediate effects of body massages, like the immediate relief people get for sore and tense muscles. As people discuss with their masseuse the different problems that their body may be experiencing, they will find that they will learn about the different benefits offered by different body massage therapy techniques.

For athletes, a trained masseuse can help to correct some of the pains that come about due to physical injury; for example pain from a muscle pull or stiffness. Another benefit of body massage therapy for athletes is that their body muscles are strengthened for the different activities they take part in. Other than relaxing and soothing the senses, there are numerous massage therapy benefits. Some of these soothing affects are experienced as soon as the massage starts or even days after. Some people will require undergoing a few sessions before they feel the full benefits of the body massage therapy.

Body massage helps releasing stress and tension in the bodies by increasing oxygen flow and blood circulation in the whole body. Excessive unresolved mental and physical stress and tension in the daily lives could cause continuous muscular tension. This type of mental or physical tension or stress diminishes the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles and organs causing pains and aches, feelings of fatigue, symptomatic heaviness, tightness of muscles and stiffness. This can even increase the chance of muscular strains and injuries. Tension creates a tendency for a build up of toxins in the body and muscle tissues, and reduces the flow of the more subtle energy or life force. Muscular stress also deforms the skeletal anatomy, which further compounds present problems and develops other new ones.

In conclusion, there are a number of benefits of body massage like, body massage helps to assist weight loss; develops improves and increases blood circulation and the flow of tissue fluid or lymph through out the body; nourishes the skin with the right oils used while massaging; soothes and relaxes nerves; assists in removal of deposits of tissue; releases emotional and mental tension; creates a feeling of well-being and finally gives mental peace and pleasure.

But of course if you some one has any illness it is always advisable to inform a doctor before going for a body massage. (

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